Why I Can’t Pick My Wedding Colors

With endless inspiration on wedding blogs, pinterest, and even twitter, I am finding it nearly impossible to settle on my wedding colors. Practically every week I look at my Fiance and exclaim, I’ve finally picked them! I’ve got it all figured out–!! And then I proceed to show him some beautiful inspiration board I stumbled upon.

I’m not a very visual person and for some reason this one issue, colors, seems to worry me. Maybe because it impacts virtually every aspect of the wedding. I don’t understand how you’re supposed to get the exact shade of mint or yellow or whatever the case might be. Or are you even supposed to? Then, once you’ve actually committed to colors… how do you put them together? I’m probably thinking into this too much.

My current inspiration is from The Perfect Palette:

The Perfect Palette's beautiful inspiration board

The Perfect Palette’s beautiful inspiration board

I love the dusty aqua.. and I’d love to throw in pops of yellow. But then again, I love mint. Love, love, love mint… even a light sage works for me. Oh, and don’t forget blush… that’s the other color that keeps coming into my mix. How am I ever going to settle on the colors and then not to mention the shades? I wish someone would just pop out of no where and say DO THIS IT WILL LOOK  GOOD.

Can you be that someone? Suggestions anyone?



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