Why I’m Having a Destination Wedding

People never fail to amuse me. Their reactions to the fact that I’m having a destination wedding in Jamaica have certainly lived up to that expectation. I’ve heard everything from people exclaiming that it is a genius idea to others who swear up and down my marriage won’t be legal and no one will attend. So, I thought I’d share with you a few reasons why a destination wedding was the right decision for me.*

*Remember, every persons situation is different. I certainly do not think everyone should have them. It is but one option to consider!

Families- Location & Joining Together: Our families have never met. Yes, you read that right. They live about 9 hours apart via car so no matter what someone would have to be traveling. The reason this is important is twofold– if people have to travel, might as well let them go somewhere amazing. And, this way they’ll get to know each other over more than just a couple rushed hours.

Small Number: Neither my fiance or I pictured our wedding as a huge gather with every extended family member and friend. By having a destination wedding we easily could have just our immediate families and make it a more intimate affair.

Travel: I’ll be honest here, I’ll take any excuse to travel! I’ve got that travel bug… big time. I also kind of feel like it is my duty to make sure my family travels out of the country. Time to get those passports!

I’d like to add one really important note. I don’t have “saving money” on this list. I actually think if we did something here we would have spent the same amount of money– what we can afford. We would have just had to cut in other ways since it would have had to have been a much larger guest list. Destination Wedding’s aren’t cheap… and I think that is a common misconception. We are doing a pretty budget wedding… but we are also paying for our trips, both of my younger sisters, and the photographers (flight & all-inclusive accommodation). That alone will be over 5k!

Would you consider having a destination wedding? Why or why not? I’d love to hear!


Me– an Obsessive Bride? No way.

I was never one to dream about my wedding day. In fact, that is one of the very reasons I decided to have a destination wedding… to avoid the stress and craziness. (Other important reason to note, I’m very cheap. I do not want to spend tons of money on this. I thought having a DW would be cheaper which may or may not end up being true. I’ll get back to you on that one.)

Surprisingly, now that I’m planning it’s like I can’t… stop… thinking about wedding planning. Even a year ago if you asked me if I’d attempting to write a wedding blog and be this far into planning, I’d think you were crazy.

But, there is something about planning your wedding that gets to you. I don’t know what it is. I’ve rolled my eyes at way too many weddings and maybe I was determined to make mine different. Whatever the reason, I’m here. I love weddings. And, I love planning mine. Even though the stress/money aspect is always tempting me back to the other side, somehow I’m pressing on. I’ve got to say I’m proud of myself for that!